Apparently, I still know how to play decent poker.

I was out for three months, mostly because the hip pain before surgery and the pain meds after didn't let me focus enough to play well, so I took the summer off. Yesterday, I decided to check out the Twin Rivers casino poker room, in Lincoln, R.I. I think its going to become my home casino, though with some regrets for leaving Mohegan Sun.

Twin Rivers is a small casino, and as a result everything is jammed in tight. They have fewer amenities than Mohegan Sun, so my comp points are worth a lot less. Against that, its 45 minutes closer to my house, and the poker room features stunningly poor players. It sort of reminds me of the MGM poker room on the Strip - a lot of drunk frat boys playing short stacks way too loosely. Furthermore, what older, more sober players there were didn't really understand how to play large stacks against other large stacks when there were crazy short stack players in between - they were very easy to out-maneuver.

I actually got stacked in the first half hour I was there - I got all-in three times with by far and away the best hand, and lost to low-probability opponents whose day had come. No matter, when I left at the four hour mark, I was still comfortably up, on a day where I'd have been happy to mostly just knock the rust off.

I'm probably not going to play more than once a week or so. Spending the time I'm spending at Three Trolls Games And Puzzles is a lot more fun, if a lot less lucrative. Turns out I like gaming more than I like gambling.
(1) I'm liking the anime series Hunter X Hunter. I don't generally binge-watch series, but I'm going through this, as my ex-wife put it when I mentioned it to her, like a hot knife through butter. If you watch it, you should start from the start - it is not the sort of series to pick up in the middle. It's a cruel, violent world, and the only thing that makes it redeemable is the main characters' stories, and the early episodes really set them up well. It's on Crunchyroll right now (as well as Cartoon Network), so get it while its hot.

(2) I think I'm going with the idea that Snokes is an old, but very much alive Mace Windu, and Finn is his son. Windu was, if I understand things correctly, a gray Jedi, and used both the light and dark side. Snokes certainly looks like an old guy who got hit by Force Lightning somewhere along the line.
In the old days, I could have found someone's address by looking up their name in the correct phone book. These days, people are more circumspect about that sort of info, and so it takes the minutest amount of digging instead.

I was looking for an address I should have known. Searching the web, I found a couple of sites willing to give it to me for a fee, but they bolluxed each other up. The first one gave me the street number but blocked out the street name, the second gave the name but blocked the number. After that, google maps provided the zip code. :)
I have a consultation with the cataract surgeon Monday morning. I'm pretty sure that's just to schedule the surgery, not actually to do it yet. :)
Today was the first day I did things that I couldn't - or at least didn't - do the day I went into the hospital for my hip replacement:

(1) put on my right shoe all by myself
(2) started walking without a cane
(3) hit a bucket of golf balls at the driving range.

The thing is this - (1) sounds trivial comparatively speaking, but it's actually a fairly major milestone marker for a successful surgery.

My leg is still quite weak, and it's currently only a pipedream, but if things keep improving at the rate they've been improving at, I'm going to at least contemplate fighting at the event next weekend.

What a strange and wondrous journey its been.
I went and saw it today. I loved it - boy with serious storyteller props goes on The Hero's Journey. Visually stunning, compelling story, awesome sound. The 3D actually added to it I thought. It played to my eye as Miyazaki meets Samurai Jack. I found the ending a bit weak, but this story wasn't ever going to have a completely satisfying ending for me, I expect.

If you're an anime fan, it's hard to imagine you wouldn't like this one. Thank you, Jennifer Kobayashi, for putting me onto it.
Today my orthopedist both switched me from oxycodone to tramadol, and said I didn't have to wear the compression stockings anymore. Even with nothing else happening, those two things alone improved my day.

He was also quite pleased with the result of the surgery, and confirmed that as far as he knew, I did just set the land speed record for recovery from one of his jobs - and he does 300 of these a year. I see him again on 4 October.
I'm going to show a bunch of Gene WIlder movies starting at noon on Sunday. Here's the schedule:

Noon: The Producers
14:30 Young Frankenstein
17:00 Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
19:00 Dinner
19:30 Blazing Saddles

Possible late night feature:

21:30 Start The Revolution WIthout Me

You're welcome to come for the whole thing, or any bit that you'd find fun. Please call first if you'd show up for Revolution, to make sure we actually run it.

Melville Keep is located at 12 Melville Avenue in Dorhester. My phone $ is (617)233-7823. I hope to see you soon!
Anyone interested in coming over to see whatever Gene Wilder movies we can scrape up this weekend? I'm pretty sure we have Young Frankenstein, Willie Wonka, Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, and Blazing Saddles, at a minimum. I could do either Saturday or Sunday. Start time early afternoon, break for dinner, and continue until folks have had enough.

I'll make a decidion early this evening and get back to folks, depending on interest.
I can now walk up and down stairs alternating steps - yesterday I had to bring one foot to the step, then the other foot to the same step. I still need to hold onto the railing, but that's a good idea regardless. I've stretched out the time between pain meds doses to six hour intervals. Also, I'm only taking 5 mg. of oxy at night. Tomorrow, I'm going to see if cutting down to 5 mg. of oxy during the day works. I know not to tough it out - pain is an enemy to healing, so I'm only cutting back if the result is still efficacious. My balance is good, but the leg is still definitely weak. The in-house care physical therapist talked about cutting my in-home care short and switching over to the rehab facility on Gallivan Blvd.; I told him I thought that would make sense once I can walk the mile and a half to get there, and he seemed to think that was reasonable.

It's been an amazing few days. We live in an age of wonders.
And the next line is generally, "If I could walk that way, I wouldn't need these bloody crutches."

Well, it turns out I don't. I know that I have a wonderful genetic inheritance in terms of physiology (thanks Mom), but when I woke up this morning, I discovered I could walk without crutches, and I only need a cane for the stairs. Moreover, when the PT specialist came by today, he gave me the green light - it's official, I am allowed to just use a cane, and for the moment, it's more a prop than a prop, if you get my meaning.

Still can't leap buildings in a single bound, though.

ETA: So the old vaudeville line was actually "If I could walk that way, I wouldn't need talcum power". Oh, Internet, with your fact-based assertions!

home again

Aug. 30th, 2016 01:25 pm
I got discharged at 12:30, with a packet full of instructions, and scrips for pain meds which Meredith is now fetching. Total time in hospital 29.5 hours. Everyone was happy in the extreme with how everything went.
Apparently, this procedure went better than last time, which the surgeon thought was flat out impossible. Anyway, I now have a state-of-the-art titanium-gold alloy hip replacement in place.
I show up at the hospital at oh-dawn-thirty Monday morning, and barring some catastrophe preempting the operating theater, if things otherwise go well, I should be in the recovery room coming to by noon.

This is a perfectly routine operation - I picked my surgeon because he does 300 of these a year, and his record at it is exemplary. I may end up posting what happened on Monday evening sometime, but nobody is to worry until at least Tuesday afternoon. :) Someone will post something one way or another by then.
So for the folks who saw the picture of our house (sorry - I didn't put it on LJ) - did you notice the solar panels? No, you didn't, which is a testatment to the company who did the installation. The house is aligned to the cardinal points, and the picture showed the south side. The panels are all on the east and west sides of the house, not particularly visible from the front.

I did notice that the two air conditioners are glaring affronts to the look of the place. Not much to be done about that - central air is pretty far down on the list of improvements I'd like to make.
I just got back from my pre-op appointment before hip surgery next Monday. There's only one hurdle left, and they took a swab to check for strep today, and I'll have the results tomorrow. So if all goes well, I should be back home again this time next week.
So there's some angsting around the internet that the current woes in Louisana are not getting the coverage it deserves, along with some political fingerpointing. Indeed, all very compelling to read - 20,000 homeless, 7 dead, certainly a tragedy for all those folks involved.

But then something occurred to me, so I went and looked:

Katrina: 1-2 million homeless (estimates vary quite widely), 1800 dead. Basically, 100 x the disaster the current problems are. Perhaps the news coverage isn't so off target after all. And saying things like "worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy" doesn't actually tell you much - just that things have been pretty quiet for a while.
The movement for using a cane is very similar to the one for using a poleax. The leg that goes forward is the shoulder that goes forward, with everything attached leading slightly. :)

And so my mom doesn't worry needlessly, deciding it's time to use a cane isn't caused by anything major happening. Cutting down on the stress the hip gets means less overall pain, which means I can keep the opiate intake down to a minimum before the hip surgery. (T minus 13 days and counting.)
... though this one is small. I got home from Pennsic to discover my keyboard had died. I went to Best Buy, and now am the proud owner of a ambient light keyboard. Same price as the Apple wireless keyboard I was going to buy, but no changing batteries, ever. Well, at least until Fimbulwinter, and even then, if there's electricity to power the lights, I should be good. :)
Another successful Pennsic in the books, it's time for the 21st Century Party. Come revel in the wonders of the modern and past ages, where nothing is Out Of Period. There'll be food, games, movies, and conversation, and hopefully Tales From Pennsic galore. I'm going to set up another Artemis game, so interested folks should bring their tablets/smart phones with the latest version, please.

Twentyfirst Century Party
Saturday, 20 August, 14:00 until the last person leaves
12 Melville Avenue, Boston 02124
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